Saturday, February 6, 2010

Unique Merlot -- both inside the bottle and outside

One of our favorite Merlot's is the Meeker Hand-Print Merlot. A few years ago, We discovered this wine at Winestyles in Palm Beach Gardens. Since then, we have opened numerous vintages. Meeker is distributed by Opici Distribution Company.

The Meeker Vineyard was established in 1977, their tasting room is in a historic bank building in Geyersville, California. Meeker's signature wine is the Handprint Merlot. One of the winemakers (Matt or Charlie) handprints each and every bottle to confirm their pride in this super Merlot, which they make in only the best vintage years. In the Meeker tradition, this wine is truly a “handmade” wine. They leave colorful "handprints" that ensure your Meeker Merlot is a work of art ~ both inside the bottle and outside. Their motto for this wine is "From our hands to yours!"

2003 Meeker Hand-print Merlot is from Sonoma County, California.

Packed with deep, dark berry fruit and nuances with hints of cocoa, herb and earthy notes followed by soft structured tannins. Its velvety texture makes Merlot instantly appealing and an obvious alternative to similar, more tannic Bordeaux varieties. Loaded with flavors of rasberry and pepper on the finish.

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