Wednesday, January 5, 2011

I heart the library

The library is definitely one of the best public resources we have. I love going to my library or reserving books online that I get to ponder.

Reasons why I love the library:
1. Being able to borrow all kinds books
2. Wide variety of Audiobooks
3. Almost every cookbook and crafty-book I want to peruse
4. Librarians are friendly and resourceful
5. Huge selection of Movies and TV DVD's
6. Free classes on everything from knitting, wine, gardening, etc.
7. Quiet place to get away and read/study
8. Great selection of music cd's
9. And it's all basically free (tax dollars at work)

Here's what I have currently checked out from the library

From left to right:
The Tudors: Season 3 DVD
Fly Away Home- Jennifer Weiner
The Help - Kathryn Stockett
Breaking Dawn - Stephanie MeyerNew Moon - Stephanie MeyerCommitted - Elizabeth Gilbert

From Top to Bottom:
The One Pan Gourmet - Donald Jacobson
Beyond the Master Cleanse - Tom Woloshyn
Vegan Cookies Invade You Cookie Jar - Isa Moskowitz
Living Food For Health - Gillian McKeith
The Kind Diet - Alicia Silverstone

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